How eSign Emcee Works


The eSign Emcee® design is scalable and customizable, and can accommodate any size business and signature capture need ranging from strict device-based signature capture requirements to quick and easy click to sign processes. A document can be signed by multiple individuals at the same time or sequentially using various methods based on security requirements. As a web browser-based solution, document signing capabilities can be provided in-house and out in the field with full control of physical document movements.



eSign Emcee is a single point solution for many document signing requirements and can be deployed as a standalone all-in-one system or in a distributed manner across a multiple server environment. As a standalone system, document templates can be created in advance and used to predefine instances of signing ceremonies. The system can also be deployed as a fully integrated part of a larger host environment. The patented and intuitive document signing interface provides for a very simple step wise approach to document presentation and signature capturing procedure without signer pre-training. Single or multiple documents can be signed by single or multiple singers using a number of signing methods. Documents signed with eSign Emcee require no proprietary software to validate the integrity of a signed document or authenticity of the digital signature. Documents signed with eSign Emcee can be verified using nothing more than the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader software.



eSign Emcee Web Services controls every aspect of the signing ceremony creation, execution, and archiving. For example, a ceremony can be as simple as a single PDF viewed and signed by a single person using only their web browser. Ceremonies can also be complex, requiring multiple documents and signers, each using a different signature capture method in simultaneous or sequential order.

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